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He succeeded in finishing his studies in spite of his countless nights awake, watching the best American sports. Believing in US-Italy time zones’ equality, he’s the master of numbers. 90% of his answers are: “Write it down on an Excel sheet.” His motto says: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”.

Marco | Chief Executive Officier
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Sport and technology are his biggest passions. He’s always dreamed to match them with his work, so he launched into this starting up experience. He loves challenges and to solve problems, better if almost impossible. In sports, he supports young talents and underdogs, in which he sees himself.

Erik | Chief Technology Officier
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For him, experience comes over education. In sales he’s a chameleon but in sport he tried hard without success, except for such sports that others don’t want to see him involved. Pilot still in activity and skier of below par performances, he’s born in the Italian city of rugby by tradition.

Matteo | Head of Sales & Marketing
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She eats words for breakfast, that she often shapes and combines in copy for work. She gets inspired by her gipsy life and from the tireless research of surrounding beauty. She always find a moment to live her passions, such as music and sport, her daily energy drinks.

Serena | Head of Digital Marketing & Communication
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Law student with a strong passion for basketball. Due to his modest talent in sport, he early decided that it was better to sit comfortably and enjoy the spectacle of basket professionals. In SportAround finally saw the chance to find the right place to go watching NBA with friends. So, he finally joined the project.

Federico | Business Analyst & Legal Advisor
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